TELF AG releases new publication about Kazakhstan's incredible mining opportunities TELF AG releases new publication about Kazakhstan's incredible mining opportunities

TELF AG releases new publication about Kazakhstan’s incredible mining opportunities

TELF AG’s latest publication, entitled TELF AG discusses the role of Kazakhstan (and its copper) in the global green transition, focuses on the incredible mining opportunities offered by a nation like Kazakhstan, one of the few countries in the world that can still boast enormous, completely unexplored deposits of raw materials. Some of these materials (such as copper) could play a decisive role in the energy and ecological transition in which we are all involved, in particular due to the growing demand for some of these specific materials.

TELF AG focuses on the many methods of using copper, like the creation of specific components for computers, cell phones, and household appliances (such as refrigerators), but also the construction of solar panels and other similar infrastructures which can contribute significantly to the global transition towards a greener world. Copper also represents an important element for the creation of batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles, and in the coming years, it will certainly represent the object of repeated requests from the global market.

Kazakhstan, from this point of view, certainly represents a territory full of opportunities, and this is precisely what is talked about in the latest publication by TELF AG. Some notable copper deposits are in fact currently being explored by some major international companies, who hope to find further reserves in the Rudny Altai mining district. In other parts of the country, extraction has been proceeding at a rapid pace for several years, as is the case in the mines managed by the KazMinerals company. 

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The publication also focuses on the growing number of companies that are setting their sights on Kazakhstan’s copper reserves, with the full knowledge that international demand for this precious raw material is inevitably destined to grow in the short and medium term.

Known internationally for its wealth of natural resources – such as gold, coal, and zinc, Kazakhstan is therefore in a privileged position to take full advantage of the abundance of copper that characterizes its subsoil, positioning itself as one of the most accredited global players to lead the world towards a new phase of energy evolution. 

To know more, the full publication is available on the TELF AG website.