Tenants Condemn Cramped, £1,290-Monthly Studio Flat for Two as "Prison-Like" Tenants Condemn Cramped, £1,290-Monthly Studio Flat for Two as "Prison-Like"

Tenants Condemn Cramped, £1,290-Monthly Studio Flat for Two as “Prison-Like”

Renters have vociferously criticized a minuscule studio flat, available at a steep £1,290 per month, intended for occupancy by two individuals, but likened by some to a “prison” cell.

This confined abode features merely a diminutive skylight and a window, concealed by an improvised blind. Its spatial dimensions extend to a mere 200 square feet, though the landlord asserts that it can accommodate two occupants who will split the rent.

Notably absent from the property listing is any mention of a kitchen; instead, it offers a sink and a pair of cabinets. The culinary area is characterized by a metallic partition, devoid of discernible indications of an oven, stove, or refrigerator.

A double bed occupies a small section of the space, accompanied by a towering desk for the placement of personal belongings. Adjacent to the bed, a petite wardrobe stands, leaving a minimal expanse of floor space.

However, the property does boast a separate bathroom. Although narrow, it manages to accommodate a toilet, basin, and a compact shower.

This diminutive dwelling is located in Islington, situated in the northern precinct of London, in close proximity to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. The monthly rental fee commands an astonishing £1,290, while a substantial deposit of £1,488.46 is required to secure this rather cramped bedsit.

Utilities are not encompassed within the rental fee; however, the listing notes that the gas bill is included. Moreover, tenants are obligated to commit to a minimum twelve-month lease.

The property has elicited criticism from prospective renters. One individual, Lena, wryly remarked, “Prison cells offer superior accommodations, and they’re free.” Meanwhile, Sebastian simply labeled the asking price as “ridiculous.”