£100,000 House with No Roof Hits the Market £100,000 House with No Roof Hits the Market

£100,000 House with No Roof Hits the Market

A family home, priced at £100,000, has recently been listed for sale, but it comes with an unusual catch – it has no roof. This three-bedroom property, located in St Briavels near Lydney, Gloucestershire, was heavily damaged by a fire in February and will require demolition.

Despite the fire damage, the property does have some potential selling points. It features a driveway for parking, a garage, and both front and rear gardens, offering a spacious outdoor area for potential buyers to explore. However, due to its condition, viewings of the interior are not possible, and there are no available photos of the inside.

The house, previously valued at £320,000, is listed for significantly less, making it an attractive option for those looking for a renovation project. The average house price in the village is £425,000, further emphasizing its lower price point.

The property is scheduled to be auctioned by Auction House, although the listing notes that the property is not currently in possession, and no access can be obtained. Despite its current state, the house presents a unique opportunity for someone willing to take on the challenge of a substantial renovation project.

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