Luxury Studio Flat for £2,150 per Month Comes with a Quirk Luxury Studio Flat for £2,150 per Month Comes with a Quirk

Luxury Studio Flat for £2,150 per Month Comes with a Quirk

A luxurious studio flat has entered the market at £2,150 per month, but there’s a unique twist to consider.

This elegant residence comes fully furnished, boasting oak flooring and underfloor heating for added comfort.

The kitchen features a high-end Quooker tap that dispenses boiling water and purified water, alongside a stylish quartz worktop.

The package also includes a generous 55-inch TV and superfast fibre broadband.

A contemporary bathroom boasts a walk-in shower, and a terrace at the rear adds an outdoor dimension.

However, there’s a catch – the king-sized bed is located on a mezzanine level.

Residents will need to navigate in and out of bed with care and will find it impossible to sit upright.

Access to the sleeping area involves ascending a staircase, but the ceiling height is so limited that occupants would have to crawl around.

Inside the room, only a king-sized mattress rests on the floor, as there’s insufficient space for a bed frame, wardrobe, or basic furnishings.

Sleepers will find themselves inches away from the ceiling lights.

Situated in Islington, North London, this compact studio flat is available through OpenRent.

The listing outlines its features: “This brand-new development is fully furnished to an impeccable standard. It boasts oiled natural oak flooring and stairs, as well as contemporary porcelain tiles. The bathrooms and communal areas benefit from underfloor heating. The kitchen stands out with a sophisticated Quooker tap and a luxurious quartz countertop.”

Additional details include: “The studio is thoughtfully designed, with a spacious living area and dining space that’s perfect for socializing. The modern open-plan kitchen includes a washer/dryer and a sizable fridge/freezer. Ethernet ports provide options for wired superfast internet connections. The layout is spacious, offering ample storage plus a storage room. A private patio terrace complements the space.”

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“The mezzanine area accommodates a king-sized bed, while a sofa with a large 55-inch TV is included. The bathroom features a skylight and shower. Access to the expansive communal area below the studio flat is available. Air conditioning can be added for an extra £85 per month.”

“All bills are covered, including superfast fibre broadband. A water softener has been installed for limescale-free water, and a monthly cleaner tends to the communal area below the studio flat.”