Unveiling the Vast Historic Manor of a Valiant War Hero - Available for Acquisition at $14.7M Unveiling the Vast Historic Manor of a Valiant War Hero - Available for Acquisition at $14.7M

Unveiling the Vast Historic Manor of a Valiant War Hero – Available for Acquisition at $14.7M

A grand and historic manor featuring a guest abode, exclusive theatre, and meandering woodland pathways has been put up for sale at a staggering price of $14.75 million.

The property, dating back to the early 1800s, originally belonged to a prominent figure in the Revolutionary War.

Brigadier General Peter Horry joined forces with Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion, a military officer, to confront the British troops between 1775 and 1783.

After the war, he retired to the estate, which unfortunately fell victim to fire and was later reconstructed in the early 1900s by Cornelia Sage.

Cornelia, the esteemed director of the Albright Art Museum in New York, US, became the first woman to hold such a position in a major art museum in the country.

She was also renowned for her expertise in deconstructing and reconstructing historic homes while carefully preserving the original materials and craftsmanship.

In 1949, her newly built home was complete, and now, the property awaits new owners to embark on the next chapter of its history.

Encompassing an impressive 7,910 sq ft, it boasts five bedrooms, an expansive kitchen and dining area, and a well-preserved gun room.

There are also additional structures, including an office, guesthouse, private theatre, and sauna.

The entrance hallway features striking red panelled walls, creating a captivating contrast with the intricately patterned rugs and oak wood furnishings.

Various pieces of historic artwork adorn the walls, and the original archways have been meticulously maintained.

In the gun room, four leather chairs are arranged adjacent to one another, with a fireplace taking center stage in the space.

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Glass-door cabinets line the walls, showcasing the historic weaponry, while books above and below offer insights into times gone by.

One of the entertainment rooms boasts an impressive mural depicting mountains and trees, providing a serene space to unwind.

The dining room offers seating for eight guests and showcases a harmonious blend of contrasting shades in blue, purple, and pink.

Historic artwork adorns the walls of the three-storey staircase, while a dazzling chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

The master bedroom, fit for a true hero, features a four-poster bed, central fireplace, seating area, and a wooden davenport for writing letters back home.

Other bedrooms boast the same intricately patterned flooring and furnishings, creating a pleasing visual experience.

Before stepping outside, a screened porch awaits, furnished with ample outdoor seating to enjoy warm summer evenings with guests.

The office, situated across the lawn, boasts an original mahogany fireplace, a seating area, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a spacious desk space, with a grandfather clock chiming away in the corner.

In the private theatre, eight seats are positioned in front of a wall-to-wall screen, perfect for entertaining guests or watching a documentary on the Revolutionary War.

The estate also includes horse barns, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, a fellowship hall, and three additional guest cottages.

Outside, there’s an impressive 1.25 miles of shoreline frontage and a widow’s walk, offering picturesque views over Dover and the Winyah Bay in South Carolina, US.

Trails through the grounds connect the pavilion, pergolas, fountains, and fire pit to a brand-new dock.

For utmost privacy, the entrance of the home is nestled behind gates and one mile away from the main road.

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Cornelia Sage, who ingeniously reconstructed the home using parts of other properties, such as the historic Woodlawn Plantation, moved the entire main residence – and all the outbuildings – down from the Santee River to prevent flooding.

Currently used as a recreational retreat, the estate’s cypress swamps, hardwood forests, and wildlife plots have earned it international recognition for its preserved natural beauty.

Just six miles from Georgetown, the home, featured on http://TopTenRealEstateDeals.com, also provides easy access to the nearest airport and the coast.

Pawleys Island is a short drive away, offering an array of shopping and dining options.

The vast 957-acre estate, located in South Carolina, US, is listed with Elliot Davenport of The Wings Group and Alex Webel of Hall and Hall for $14.75 million (£11.54 million).