"I'm 23 and Just Bought My First House with £30,000 Saved in Three Years – Here's How I Did It "I'm 23 and Just Bought My First House with £30,000 Saved in Three Years – Here's How I Did It

“I’m 23 and Just Bought My First House with £30,000 Saved in Three Years – Here’s How I Did It

Grace Sawyer, a 23-year-old woman, has shared her inspiring journey of becoming a first-time homeowner after saving £30,000 in three years, all without relying on parental assistance. Her achievement is a distant dream for many in their 20s, and she credits her success to some savvy financial strategies.

Grace, along with her boyfriend Callum Jones, faced the daunting prospect of rising mortgage rates and the seemingly endless rental cycle. However, through careful planning and financial discipline, they managed to secure their first home – a three-bedroom, one-bathroom semi-detached house costing £220,000.

Their savings journey involved several key methods:

  1. High-Interest Savings Accounts: Grace and Callum used high-interest savings accounts to maximize the growth of their savings.
  2. Lifetime ISAs: They made use of Lifetime ISAs, which provided them with a significant boost of “free” money. Over three years, they received £4,810.70 from their Lifetime ISA.
  3. Premium Bonds: Grace and Callum also explored premium bonds as a savings option.

Despite the challenges, including the uncertainty of mortgage rates and the cost of living crisis, Grace and Callum remained committed to their goal. They made sacrifices, such as forgoing extravagant holidays and luxury spending, while still enjoying vacations within the UK. They practiced sensible budgeting and stayed focused on their savings objectives.

Importantly, they chose not to seek financial help from their families, recognizing that their parents also had financial responsibilities of their own. Grace takes pride in the fact that they achieved this milestone independently.

The couple initially aimed to purchase a property for £250,000 with a 10% deposit. However, they had to adjust their budget when interest rates increased significantly. Despite the challenges, they found a suitable home for £220,000, which required some DIY work.

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Grace emphasized the importance of researching the best savings accounts to maximize savings. She also encouraged others to make the most of Lifetime ISAs and high-interest savings accounts while emphasizing the significance of regular saving.

In the end, Grace and Callum not only purchased their first home but also plan to increase its value through DIY projects. Their story serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that homeownership is achievable through disciplined savings and careful financial planning.