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Celebrating National Bed Month with 3 New Bed Designs by Zinus

There is no better way than to celebrate National Bed Month with three new bed designs from Zinus. Thanks to their expertise in sleep technology, homeowners can transform their bedrooms with bed frames that consider sustainability, comfort, and style. All carefully engineered to cater to a diverse range of sleep preferences and lifestyles, each bed showcases Zinus’ dedication to creating innovative sleep solutions.

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Joseph Metal Bed Frame, from £107.99 and Aidan Sling Accent Chair, £88.99

Crafted with attention to detail and a commitment to environmental responsibility, Zinus’ bamboo bed combines charm with functionality, offering a blissful night’s sleep while reducing your carbon footprint.

Providing easy assembly while not compromising on quality, Its understated yet natural look allows for true flexibility, allowing for it to fit perfectly in any home. When paired with other natural materials and an earthy colour palette, it creates a harmonious look, promoting peace and tranquillity.

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Alfeo Bamboo Bed, from £113.99 Leah Bamboo Platform Bed

Unveiling another bamboo number from Zinus, the Leah bed boasts innovation with its stylish, bamboo construction. Homeowners can immerse themselves in nature with its thoughtfully designed frame, offering comfort with satisfying visual appeal. This bed is also effortlessly versatile, working seamlessly against light and moody coloured palettes, ready to be dressed up or down.

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Leah Bamboo Platform Bed, from £149.99 Geraldine Black Metal Bed

Designed for a modern lifestyle, Zinus’ Metal Framed Bed redefines contemporary living thanks to its sleek aesthetic and sturdy construction yet budget-friendly price tag

Expected to elevate bedrooms of all kinds with the allure of its timeless black metal, it is the perfect blend of form and function. Partner with a monochrome rug and a pastel backdrop for a contemporary feel. A bold-coloured bedding will also infuse the space with character, providing you with a bedroom design that is both comfortable and stylish.

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Geraldine Metal Bed, from £53.99

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