Build a DIY bar in time for Christmas Build a DIY bar in time for Christmas

Build a DIY bar in time for Christmas

Brits are being advised on how to build a DIY bar in their home before the festive season kicks in.

The glass experts at have shared their guide on how to build an at-home bar for the Christmas festivities.

Adding a bar to the home makes a great space for hosting and entertaining and can be a really exciting feature.

With the festive season approaching homeowners are being given top tips on how to go about building their at home bar.

John Cutts, founder from said: “Building your own DIY bar can actually be fairly easy if you know what you’re doing and it’s a great hosting space throughout Christmas!

“Bars look great in small spaces too which mean no matter the size of your home you could include this feature.

“Even if you’re not a drinker, a bar is a great feature to have in the home, stock it up with your favourite soft drinks or turn it into a coffee station.

“To make the process as simple as possible it’s good to go into the project knowing what you want your bar to look like. This will help save you both time and money!”

How to build an at home DIY bar:

  1. Find a space

Find an empty space in your home that would be suitable for your bar, this could be off of your living room, in your kitchen or near your dining space.

  1. Use your space effectively

If you don’t have the space for a cabinet or table then build a bar using wall mounted shelves. This can be much more affordable than designing a full bar. If you’re after a sleek and classy look then glass shelving is a great option, if you prefer a more rustic feel then consider wood.

  1. Repurpose old furniture
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Old cabinets, bookshelves and tables can easily be repurposed and used as part of a bar. Freshen up the furniture with a coat of paint of your choice.

  1. Use second hand furniture

If you don’t have any old furniture lying around consider buying some second hand from online marketplaces.

  1. Add some artwork

Decorate your bar feature by including some artwork of your choice on the wall. Not only will this help the bar to stand out but it will also add some character to the area.

  1. Think about your display

At home bars look great when there are some bar utensils on display. Having things like glasses, drinks and cocktail sets on display can add to the atmosphere of the area.

  1. Add lighting

Adding some dim lighting around the bar area is an easy way to add to the ambience to the space. For an inexpensive option opt for some fairy lights that you can drape. For a more luxurious feel go for light fixtures or lamps.

  1. Add some decorations

An at home bar can quickly feel cold and uninviting so consider warming it up with things like plants and picture frames.

  1. Use versatile glasses

Having different glasses for different drinks can become very expensive. Try opting for glasses that can be used for a variety of cocktails and spirits in order to save you money and maximise your space.

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