How to keep your Christmas tree looking healthy How to keep your Christmas tree looking healthy

How to keep your Christmas tree looking healthy

Households are being offered tips on how to keep their Christmas tree healthy throughout the festive season.

The green-thumbed experts at are sharing eight ways to ensure Christmas trees survive the entire advent.

The Christmas tree is placed in the heart of a home and many will want it to look its very best throughout the entire month.

However, some trees start to lose shape after a couple of weeks due to shedding and they can quickly dry out if they’re left near a heat source.

That’s why the experts are advising Brits to keep trees away from radiators and to trim the bottom before placing the stem in water.

Chris Bonnett, founder of said: “A real Christmas tree can look fantastic in a home but they can also be a handful if they’re not cared for correctly.

“It’s important to avoid placing it near any heat sources and to keep it away from dehumidifiers to ensure it survives.”

Here’s how to keep your Christmas tree healthy throughout the festive season:

  1. Keep it away from heat

Avoid placing the Christmas tree near any radiators. Not only can it dry out the branches, but it also imposes a fire risk if it’s directly touching the branches.

  1. Check for mites

Real Christmas trees can harbour nasty critters like mites that can spread around the home and make their way into a mattress. Keep an eye out for tiny specs and yellow or brown discolouration as it could indicate their presence.

  1. Look for damage before buying the tree
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The secret to a long-lasting tree is to buy a healthy one to begin with. Brown discolouration and dry branches are signs of dehydration or damage to a Christmas tree. Make sure to feel the branches before purchasing to test their durability.

  1. Don’t overdo it with decorations

While many like to go for an extravagant tree, it may be best to keep decorations to a minimum for real Christmas trees. An overload of decorations can stress the branches and cause them to snap.

  1. Opt for LED lights

Too many lights can dry the tree out due to the excess heat. When decorating, opt for  LED lights which will help transmit less heat compared to typical bulbs. This will ensure branches don’t dry out as quickly.

  1. Trim the bottom of your tree before placing it in water

Most sellers snip the bottom of a tree beforehand, but it’s worth trimming it off once again to remove any excess sap which has grown over and put it in water for extra effect.

  1. Keep dehumidifiers away

Dehumidifiers are a great way to control humidity levels during winter, but if the devices are turned on for a prolonged period near a Christmas tree, they can dry out the branches and cause them to weaken. Place them on the opposite end of the room and track the humidity level.

  1. Monitor water levels

Christmas trees can consume almost two litres of water each day so make sure to monitor water levels and top up when necessary.

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