Legendary 'Boy Wonder of Wall Street' Eddie Gilbert's Lavish Estate Listed for $23M Legendary 'Boy Wonder of Wall Street' Eddie Gilbert's Lavish Estate Listed for $23M

Legendary ‘Boy Wonder of Wall Street’ Eddie Gilbert’s Lavish Estate Listed for $23M

Step into the world of Eddie Gilbert, the infamous ‘boy wonder of Wall Street’, whose former estate has hit the market for a staggering $23 million. Gilbert, a business tycoon known for his audacious moves on Wall Street, rose to fame with his take over of the E.L. Bruce lumber company, as detailed by Top Ten Real Estate.

His bold acquisition strategy included purchasing nearly half of the company’s stocks, catapulting the share price to an unprecedented $190 (£151) each. In a dramatic twist, he arrived in an armoured truck loaded with stock certificates to negotiate the company takeover.

Despite his initial success, Gilbert’s journey was marked by highs and lows, including a £2.8 million ($3.5 million) tax lien and accumulating $14 million in debts, which led to his flight to Brazil and subsequent arrest in 1967.

Even while incarcerated, Gilbert’s knack for trading persisted. He established a cigarette monopoly within the prison and continued to trade until receiving a lifetime ban from securities trading.

After his release four years later, Gilbert relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he ventured into real estate and rebuilt his fortune, eventually acquiring a grand estate valued at £18.8 million ($23.65 million).

Gilbert passed away in December 2015, just days shy of his 93rd birthday, leaving behind a multi-million-dollar legacy.

The estate, originally constructed in 1918, is now divided into two parts. The main residence, currently Santa Fe’s priciest home at £15.8 million ($19.9 million), features eight bedrooms, ten baths, and embodies the classic New Mexico style with wooden beams, carved doorways, and ornate tiles.

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Additional amenities include a guesthouse, stables, a private well, and over 22 acres of land.

The smaller segment, El Nido, spans 3,600 sq ft and offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and beautiful gardens.

Nestled just a mile from Santa Fe’s town centre, this estate places you among notable neighbors like Val Kilmer, Julia Roberts, and Gene Hackman, offering a chance to mingle with the elite.

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